----- Promotion -----
Sportsbook Weekly Cash Rebate 0.35%
     Bet your favourite sport team and get the 0.35% weekly cash rebate
  1. Promotion will start from 2020-08-01 00:00:01(GMT +8) until 2020-08-31 23:59:59 (GMT +8).The promotion is open for all HDF members.
  2. System will give Sportsbook weekly cash rebate 0.35% to all qualified members automatically at around 2p.m on every Tuesday.
  3. Minimum Cash Rebate Payout is SGD 5 (Live casino + Sportsbook + Slots) and not has any maximum payout limit, and sport match odds lower than 20% will not be taken into calculation for weekly cash rebate payout.
  4. Sportsbook cash rebate can be withdraw directly and not have any turnover requirement.
  5. Each member only allowed having one registered account in HDF, if we found out any member owning more than 1 account in same IP address or same household or using same personal information; HDF will treat these accounts as an organizational account. And HDF has the right to terminate everything of the accounts.
  6. HDF reserved the right to alter, amend or pause any promotion, or any aspect of it at anytime and without prior notice.
  7. General promotional Terms & Conditions apply.